Thursday, 7 July 2016



We're all so busy these days
running to and 'fro
no one has time anymore
to sit and chat awhile.

We're too busy chasing pots of gold
but we've forgotten the rainbows
that lead us to them.

They have many colours
and always are magnificent
but seldom do we care.

We're too busy to stop and admire..
there's this and that to be done..
as if it would be remembered when we are gone.

What others will recall
are the words we left behind
the times taken to help one in need..
the unexpected call to a friend alone.
For our greatest gift is part of ourselves
our time, so precious, to one and all.
With this, we can give rainbows
more precious than any gold.

(c) Crissouli July 7 2015

Image free to use by Pixabay

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