Friday, 17 February 2017



’twas but a simple Irish man
Paddy Hannan was his name
he’d left his home in far off Quin
to find his fortune and his fame.

First he went to Melbourne
then to New Zealand he did go
but then the call of Western Australia
was too tempting as we know.

He fossicked close to Southern Cross
with no great find at all
along with Shea and Flanagan
he answered Coolgardie’s call.

Many miners scraped the land
yet their dreams were not to be
seems success was left to others
like this lucky Irish three.

Gold, they found, some ounces..
when fossicking near a hill
they named this place Mt. Charlotte
it seemed to fit the bill.

In this dusty outback land
‘Hannan’s Find’ was all the go.
The mates had found some treasure
the riches sure did flow.

It’s now known as Kalgoorlie
close to it’s aboriginal name..
to all, not just the outback,
it’s the place of gold discovery fame.

(c) Crissouli February 14, 2017

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This verse was originally written as a Guest Post for 
Outback Family History..

Tuesday, 14 February 2017



Wilt thou be my Valentine
for now and for all time
wilt thou sup with me
of life's delights, sublime?

( Oh, quiet the children, 
they are so loud..
and how my head does ache..)

Wilt thou stay close by my side
as we traverse through life's pathways
wilt thou hold my hand in yours
through dark nights and sun kissed days?

(No, I can't, there're dishes to be done..
of course you go
you must have your fun..)

Wilt thou truly be my Valentine
we'll live such a life of dreams
wilt thou share a life of bliss
it should be ours, it seems.

(ok, then, no more Mills and Boon
I promise you, I'm sure
oh, sweetheart, that is so cute, 
a pink rose on the door..)

 (c)Crissouli 14 February, 2017

 Image by Pixabay

Thursday, 26 January 2017



Whether they came, with shackles or chains
or whether they came and were free
I'm happy to know that they came at all
for if not, I wouldn't be me!

Some came from England and Ireland and Greece
some came from I do not know where
I'm happy to know that they came at all
for Australia's history is what we all share.

There were convicts and weavers, sailors came too
and those who had lived off the land
I'm happy to know that they came at all
this new country they helped to expand.

Celebrate with a barbie or a day at the beach
with friends or just relaxing awhile
I'm happy to know that they came at all
We're Australian, hence our permanent smile.

(c)Crissouli 26 January, 2017

Happy Australia Day!