Thursday, 20 July 2017



 We said "Goodbye" to you today..
for so many years you'd been a part of our lives.
We'd had a long and happy association
but your time had come, I guess.
Because of age, you'd outgrown your usefulness.
You had welcomed others, so many times
but somehow, their presence worried you now.
You seemed to creak a little 
and groan upon their arrival, not very polite.
It didn't seem to matter who they were. 
You began to treat all and sundry
in exactly the same manner.
 They'd all been so kind to you
and had come to visit often,
but you didn't exactly show them your gratitude.
In fact, you usually fell apart regardless.
I kept hoping you'd mellow as you got older..
perhaps you did, in a way,
but your behaviour got too much for us.
I'm afraid we could stand it no longer. 
The friendship simply couldn't survive.
You became unglued just once too often..
Goodbye, old chairs, you served us well!

©Crissouli May 1983

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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