Thursday, 20 July 2017


There was once an old donkey, who lived near the sea
all day long, he went hee haw hee
 I didn't meet him till he was quite old
but I listened carefully to the tale he told.

He was so happy when the children came round
for he'd give them rides, all about the ground
but it hadn't always been that way
and I took lots of notice of what he had to say.

A long time ago, before my time,
even before there was a town hall chime..
he'd been very popular, as a weekend treat
when the parents came down, with their children, so sweet.

The kiddies sat on his back, so tall and strong
and he carried them proudly, all the day long.
The people came, from near and far..
some came on foot, some came by car.

Then one weekend, there appeared near the beach
a great big machine, too tall to reach.
It was bright and shiny, and oh, so grand
and played bright music, just like the town band.

The children no longer came to ride
the poor old donkey and that hurt his pride..
for they all flocked to the merry go round.
It was far more exciting, than him, they found.

He was so sad there, standing all alone, 
and sometimes, softly, you would hear him moan.
Then one bright day, the machine wouldn't go
and the children were crying, as they do, you know.

Till one little girl, in a bright red suit, 
said "Look at the donkey, I think he's cute!"
Then lots of children came over and cried..
"Please, Mr. Donkey, can we have a ride?"

The donkey stood, so tall again 
puffed his chest out, and looked quite vain.
He felt he was useful and was proud once more
this is what he'd been waiting for.

After that day, he was always there
and stayed so important, at the seaside fair.
If you go one day, just look over the hill..
I'm sure you will find him, giving rides still.

 ©Crissouli August 1983

Images courtesy of Pixabay


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