Tuesday, 23 October 2012


It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing at the moment, I'm always wondering what the next project will be... not necessarily writing, there never seems to be enough time for that, rather I wonder whether I will ever get back to one of my many other passions, in particular, embroidery. I truly enjoy creating and teaching embroidery, and all manner of sewing and craft.

 These are a few examples of what I have done... the three evening bags, the hand sewn memory vest, using scraps of fabric from all manner of things, and a few of my cushions. Snippets of my mother's lace curtains sit alongside some antique handmade lace given to me many years ago by an elderly neighbour, buttons from my collections of button jars and tins and boxes... there are pieces of fabric from my children's clothes, some from mine as a toddler,  various charms that mean something to me, such as tiny scissors and thimbles, hearts, etc. There are small doilies from my grandmother.. her crochet was beautiful. The back of the vest is all hand quilted with bears, another favourite of mine, and small children in old fashioned clothes, also the inevitable butterflies. I adore them...

Of course, then my interest extends to the collecting of sewing paraphernalia... I am fascinated by the accessories of years gone by, everything from pin cushions, handmade or commercial, to the vast array of embroidery scissors, to thimbles and furbelows... all vie for my attention.

I also love to paint ... anything that evokes the feeling of country, though charcoal and watercolours also get my attention ... now and then...All of the embroidery above is mine... as is that and the painting below...

There's a bear down there, wearing an outfit I made for my baby son... without the big red bow.

The heart boxes which hold various sewing bits, were given to me by a much loved Aunt... you can never have too many boxes.

The suitcase belonged to my grandfather and is heavy leather with a solid wooden frame. Papauli scratched his initials on it. It held a change of underwear, a spare shirt and pants, a new collar and the most basic of toiletries... all he brought from Greece in 1904.

What collection would be complete without blue and white?

This is just a small snapshot into the life of a hoarder, I mean collector.