Wednesday, 5 September 2012


When we first came to Brisbane to live, we were fascinated by the man walking ahead of the train at the 'Gabba
Hope you enjoy this look back in time...

Blast from the past! WOOLLOONGABBA FIVEWAYS circa 1921-1969 FJ Holden, Ford Cortina. Last train crosses Logan Road in 1967.

Traffic congestion at the Fiveways in 1955! Bedford and Morris Z Ute.
Ford V8 Pilot and a Ford Prefect.
An Albion bus

1947 - Conductress at the Gabba lowers the pole, changing the direction of the tram
cable power.

1956 - Flagman brings train across Main Street, Woolloongabba.

1921 - Construction of the turntable at Woolloongabba.
Building in the background is Woolloongabba Police Station

1969 - Last train to leave Woolloongabba with flagman.
Fiveways Woolloongabba with Traffic Cop in helmet and tram control box in middle.
Ford Prefect,
Ford V8 Pilot, Jaguar,
FX Holden and in the distance a Standard Vanguard.

1929 - Railway Hotel - now called The Recovery.

1949 - Petrol Station at the Fiveways.
The 'Plume' brand of fuel was one of the brands of the
Vacuum Oil Co introduced in 1916..
The fuel pumps operated by hand pumping the fuel into the glass tanks
at the top that had gallons marked on them.
When you turned the lever the fuel would siphon into your tank.
One could sell any brand of fuel and oil at the servo.

With pedestrians crossing the road, all the trains, automobiles, trams and bicycles
had to stop.
They were the days when a pretty girl could hold up the lot.
Dodge/International small truck had a Chrysler Slant 6 petrol engine out of a Valiant car.