Thursday, 25 April 2013


Mother dear,

I meant to write every day, I truly did...
you are always in my thoughts....
I miss your laugh, your smile, 
I even miss your rousing at me 
for not chopping the wood. 
I know I promised that once I got home 
you would never have to do it again.

Did you get the poppy I sent you? 
They are such a beautiful bright red
and I know how much you love them. 
I hope the censor didn't take it out of the envelope.
I forgot to say Thank You for the socks
I know they took you a long time to knit them all
I hope you don't mind, but I gave a pair to my mate
His boots leaked, but the socks helped. 

I promised to fix the fence as well
I am sorry, Mother, I really am,
but it's good that you got our neighbour in
you might need him to help a bit more.
You taught me never to break a promise
but sometimes, you can't help it.

I'm sorry, Mother, that I can't see your smile
I long for your arms around me, I'm cold
as I sleep among the poppies in a Flanders field
No need to keep knitting, Mother
I have enough socks now
Sorry, Mother, for not keeping my promises
Today, I did write, with all my love.

(c) Crissouli

                                            (c) chrismilne

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Trinket Or A Treasure

A Trinket Or A Treasure

A trinket or a treasure
It means the same to me
For holding on to this small thing
I feel that you're with me.
I feel your touch
So warm and kind
As if you're asking me to see
That though the years
 They do us part
You are a part of me
I may not have a photograph
To see your kindly smile
But still I feel your presence
As if you linger for a while.
Please know that I am grateful
For this link that we have shared
Know also that you still do live
In the heart of one who cared.