Saturday, 10 July 2021




that you would have been celebrating your 91st birthday today...I wonder if you would have changed as little as your sisters did, both of whom reached 92 years...

I'm sure that your always encompassing smile and open heart would be the same. I remember your laughter, those twinkling eyes.. your pretence at being upset when Dad teased you about something.. and those swinging hips when you were actually annoyed. Dad would shrug it off, saying that you would be fine... or at least he hoped so.

You loved nothing better than being surrounded by family and friends..

It seemed the jug was always boiling, teapot warmed and that small kitchen table always had room for one more setting. Both you and Dad would be the first to offer help to any and all in need..  We were taught from a very early age that the greatest gift you could give anyone was to listen and reach out... I lost count very early on of the numbers of people you cooked a meal for, made up a bed, delivered "just a few items", took care of ill relatives or friends, offered a lift .. or in some times, dug through your own small wardrobe to clothe someone else.

What I miss most is having you see your grandchildren grow up to become the wonderful people they are.. and your great grandchildren... 

So much to say, but so much already said.. 

Today, the anniversary of your birthday, I, along with so many others, remember you with love and admiration. Rest in peace, beautiful lady.

Pa (Roy Swadling) Peg & Vince Catsoulis (Mum & Dad) Scarborough c 1965

Photo above..

Margaret Joy (Peg) Swadling 17 yrs, Dorrigo, NSW

Monday, 28 June 2021

HOUSEKEEPING... or should that be BLOGKEEPING?




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Sunday, 25 April 2021

Can You Hear Their Footsteps?

 Can You Hear Their Footsteps?

I can hear them marching, Mummy..
right there in the street
there's Grandad and Uncle
and I see my Dad's big feet.
Left, right.. left, right..
Oh, they do look strong
Left, right, left, right 
That's Dad's favourite song.
Their uniforms are different
why are they not the same?
Weren't they all together..
I wonder who's to blame.
Oh, look, they're coming closer
I hope they do see me.
Mummy why are you crying?
Grandad says I'll soon be free.
I can hear their footsteps
They are very close to me
I'm off to join the soldiers
I'll be marching and be free. 

She laid her son to rest, beside their family - 
four brave soldiers, marching evermore.
© Crissouli 2021

Sunday, 8 March 2020


Thank You Is Never Enough


You who built the foundations of our family
who came from lands far away ..
you who built the future of many generations
yet knew so few…
if only you could look upon those of today
and see what a wonderful legacy you bequeathed
to all who live now and all who have passed before.

We may never have met, but I know your heart..
your strength, your determination, 
your will to make the world a better place..
just as we of today’s world  long to do. 
You are present in all those I share 
so many years of history with..
my much loved mother..
my beautiful granddaughter and daughter..
and my lovely daughter in law
who is adding her own history to the mix…
you are present in my cousins, 
my aunts, my niece, my grandmothers..
and in all the generations between them..
and all who have found their place by marriage.

We are a part of you, united by love and inspiration..
we gather friends around us, 
those in whom we see something of kin
a familiarity and a similar purpose..
they are the family we choose for ourselves.. 
We are blessed, we are united
and bound together.. all because of you.

© Crissouli March 7th, 2018

Reblogged as it will always apply..thank you is never enough ..CBG

Thursday, 25 April 2019



Mummy, why are you crying?
Daddy's coming home today, the letter said..
You read it to me last night
when we were tucked up in bed...
You said he can't wait to tickle me again
and take me fishing.
Please don't cry, Mummy..
you can come too.

He said he's been saving all his hugs 
and that we could share them all. 
We said we would make his favourite cake
with the last of our raisins, Daddy will love that.
It will be the best surprise. 
Daddy's coming home in a big boat, then a train
with lots of other soldiers..
Can we go now, Mummy?

Mummy, please don't cry... 
even Goldie looks sad... he misses Daddy too.
Mummy, why did the man on the bike
bring another letter? 
Was that from Daddy too? Will he be here soon?
Please, Mummy, why are you crying? 
Mummy, the sun has gone and it's raining..
is God crying too?

©Crissouli 25th April 2019

Saturday, 26 January 2019



I'm an Aussie, as Aussie can be
pure to the bone, that is me
and my parents were the same,
for they had a true Aussie name
perhaps a bit longer than some
from where Dad's family had come..

..but they were true Aussies like me!

One grandfather came over from Greece
one grandmother also, for peace..
another grandfather Hawkesbury born
other grandma Clare shamrocks adorn..

..all pure Aussie, as Aussie can be!

More came from England, and even from Wales
some brought from Ireland such wonderful tales
of leprechauns and wee folk and being so poor
 green meadows, thatched roofs and a welcoming door..

..all pure Aussie, as Aussie can be!

Whether from Greece, from Ireland, England or Wales
or any fine country, with interesting tales..

..we are all pure Aussies, as Aussie can be.

©Crissouli 26th January 2019

Monday, 31 December 2018



It's coming, it's coming
it is nearly here..
We'll step into the future
of a brand new year!
We'll use the foundation
of all that have passed
and hope our experiences
will give us lessons that last.
So, better get ready
to welcome all that is new
while treasuring all of great value 
and that includes you!

(c)Crissouli Dec 2018