Monday, 10 December 2012



I am the summation of all who have passed on, 
all I have met and all I admire... 
I am brushed with days and years gone by, 
of friends who left and those who have stayed, 
of places I've lived and places I've visited. 
I am the summation of the books I've read, 
the craft I have done, 
the sunrises and sunsets I have seen, 
the babbling brook and the raging sea.
I am the summation of tears shed
of laughter shared,
of long winter evenings
and the blissful days of spring. 
I am the petals of fragrant roses
and inviting fruits.
I am brushed with death, and tears, 
of life and joy..
I am the past and the present
I am the future..
I am me.

(c) Crissouli

Sunday, 9 December 2012


The Blue Candle

Just a simple candle to remember
The times we used to have
Though we cannot touch your arm
We still can touch your heart
As you still touch ours.

Margaret Joy Swadling, known as Peg, was born in Coffs Harbour, NSW, in 1930, the youngest of four children to Roy Leonard and Bridget Teresa (nee Dillon). 

She married her soul mate, Vince, and despite her numerous illnesses, they worked together most of her life, raising three children along the way. She was to be blessed with three grandchildren, before passing away at 51. Another two grandchildren came along after.  Peg loved her family above all else, her children, her son in law and daughter in law, her grandchildren,  and she would be so excited to know she has a grandson in law and two beautiful great grandchildren. 
She adored children, loved to sing, loved being surrounded by family and friends, loved her garden, and was so proud of her Irish mother, who gave her her Irish background. Sadly, her mother died when Peg was just 11.
She was uncomplaining, courageous, and an inspiration to all.
Peg was my much loved mother. 
For her and all our departed loved ones, I will light a blue candle on Christmas Eve.