Monday, 23 September 2013



Artie's... Artie Shaw's band
evoking memories of a bygone era…
was life really so simple then?
"Blowing bubbles… in the air…"
The melodious warble of a clarinet
the rise and fall of perfect notes
swirling skirts of crepe - de - chine
tantalising snatches of fragrance
from bruised corsages
and perfumed hair…
carefully pinned and rolled, 
or gently waved
with the help of sugar and water.
Bulky suits, double breasted,
wide lapels,
pleated and cuffed trousers
and always, shining shoes.
Greasy palms, partly from anxiety
partly from pushing back brylcreemed hair.
Sawdust on the floor
fresh flowers mingling with half filled ashtrays..
huge bowls of punch
secretly laced with alcohol
by foolhardy, fancy free boys…
A furtive embrace
on moonlight swathed balconies…
The young, trying so hard
to look sophisticated -
the sophisticated -
 trying so hard to look young.
Cars with running boards,
lamp lit avenues, lined with trees,
and shadows…
the beckoning welcome of a light
shining through velvet draped windows.

Beautiful notes, beautiful music
beautiful memories.

© Crissouli

Image courtesy of ClipArtHut


  1. Beautiful words Chris... many thanks.

    1. Thank you, Catherine, glad you liked it...Thanks for coming by.


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