Sunday, 21 December 2014


original (c) The Guardian


Two little faces pressed against the window pane
Eyes so wide, hopes so high, for all that they could see
Their weary mother, misty eyed, quietly sighed, again.

She hugged the children gently and bade them hold her hand
They slowly walked beside her, lost in a world of dreams
No words at all were spoken, they were too young to understand.

Their Daddy wasn't coming home, he was too far away
But a mother's love and hope would give her strength
To make them smile on this lonely Christmas Day.

Warm baths and lots of cuddles, then the children were in bed
She carefully wrapped two little gifts and wiped away a tear
At least they were together and she knew they would be fed.

Little rest for her that evening and soon the day did dawn
The children came to hug her, rubbing weary eyes
Then yelled with great excitement as they looked out at the lawn.

A bright and shiny cubby house was there for all to see
There was laughter as they ran out outside, their mother was amazed
In the middle of the garden was a sign "From you and me".

It was then that they all saw him, their Daddy had come back
He'd somehow found a job again and saved so very hard
And a mate with ute had helped him bring the cubby down the track.

The family was complete again, for he was home to stay
The little tree did look so different, the stars were shiny bright
The house was full of hope once more on this special Christmas Day.

(c) Crissouli Dec 2014

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