Monday, 5 June 2017



They went 'a'wanderin', round about four
down to the 'rubbity', to have one drink, or more..
They still weren't back when we did need to go
where they had got to, we really didn't know.
The children went one way, we went t'other
but still couldn't see them, this man, and his brother..
A cranky wife was hopping, first one foot then the next
she said she wasn't worried, but she really seemed quite vexed.
Then the two of them came back again, each with a sheepish grin
holding out a peace offering, that one of them did win.
"Pity I didn't win one" the tall bloke was heard to say
"I tried very hard to do so, but luck was not my way."
They stood, both still grinning, like a pair of naughty boys
and just like all the Swadlings, they tried their charming ploys.
I suppose all will be forgiven, when the steak is cooked for lunch
you cannot help but love them, this bloomin' Swadling bunch!



  1. Yes this sounds just like them. I can imagine their grins - feeling quite a bit pleased with themselves.

    1. They were, but your Mum wasn't.. great memories. I wrote a few about them, loved them all dearly.


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