Tuesday, 11 November 2014



Each night, she waits and watches
as the stars do light the sky
she cannot help but wonder
if he'll be home, 'bye and 'bye..
'tis morn and chores take over
as she dresses her small child
"Where's my Daddy, where's my Daddy?"
her daughter once again, had cried.

"Today we'll lay some flowers
right here by our front door
so that when your Daddy sees them
he'll know he's home once more."
They gathered all the daisies
and a bright red poppy too
and as they laid them on the step,
they heard a soft 'yoohoo'...

The child was so excited
as she ran to grab the mail.
She didn't see her mother's face
as she stumbled and turned pale.
For she'd never seen a telegram
and was completely unaware
that the news within was shattering
more than anyone should bear.

They found them in the morning
still sitting near the door
half covered in the daisies
as they wait for ever more.

 (c) Crissouli November 10, 2014

 In memory of all the daddies and mummies 
who never made it home. 

May they Rest in Eternal Peace.


  1. Truly beautiful and moving Chris, brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I feel the families left behind should be remembered...they gave their future also.


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