Wednesday, 17 February 2016



Reams of paper, maybe stacked precariously high
or neatly filed, in carefully labelled folders

"Notes of births, of marriages, now what year did he die?"

Coloured pages, inserted here and there
notepads and photos, pencils, clips and pens

"Really must get organised, this desk gets too much glare."

Bookmarks noted, from one website to another
two monitors make it easier, just scroll a little more 

"Mmm, that census looks interesting, is that another brother?"

Dinner won't be long then, or so it ought to be
lots of scribbled notes now, then a happy dance..
She's off, gathering yesterdays, for her family tree.

                                                                                (c)Crissouli 17th Feb, 2016


  1. I’m trying to tidy my “yesterdays” and feeling deluged.

    1. Mmm, sounds like a real problem, but there is an antidote.
      Please follow instructions carefully...
      Firstly, stand up, take a deep breath, then walk to towards the love of your life.. take his paw, I mean hand, lead him to the car and tell him that he is taking you out for a wonderful relaxing lunch and a walk in a garden or on the beach, or in a rainforest.
      Repeat often.

  2. LOL...but the chaos will still be there and I'm currently winning.


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