Monday, 31 December 2018



It's coming, it's coming
it is nearly here..
We'll step into the future
of a brand new year!
We'll use the foundation
of all that have passed
and hope our experiences
will give us lessons that last.
So, better get ready
to welcome all that is new
while treasuring all of great value 
and that includes you!

(c)Crissouli Dec 2018

Tuesday, 24 April 2018



He leaned out of the carriage window as far as he dared - his mates hanging on to his legs. 

"Just one more kiss.."

 All he could see as the train pulled away was her smiling face and the huge bouquet of paper flowers.

His mother had made them for her .."You can't get married without a bouquet and we can't afford real flowers."

Sylvie was delighted, she couldn't care less about real flowers, only that they were married. Her mother in law was as creative as she was kind. She'd taken her in from the moment they were engaged and treated her like the daughter she never had.

Archie wasn't expecting to be sent overseas for some months yet, but with just two days notice, they decided to get married.

It was then Archie made a promise.. to be home by their first wedding anniversary. They married the afternoon before he was to leave..and he'd asked her to carry the bouquet at the station so he could remember her as his bride.

Each letter he wrote carried his last words to her "I promise".  Sylvie and his mother waited anxiously for mail. Weeks would pass and nothing came, them sometimes a couple came at once. Sylvie wrote every second day, not knowing when Archie would get to read them. She busied herself working in the Red Cross Canteen. Many soldiers came there on leave, but never anyone from Archie's unit.

Though she had no way of being certain, she suspected that Archie was in France. He'd told her he'd try to include a clue if he could get it through the censors. He mentioned that he missed her most in the Evenings - with a capital E. Sylvie smiled .. the first gift he had given her was a tiny bottle of Evening in Paris scent.

Sylvie scanned the papers daily, relieved when his name was missing from the casualty lists. Meanwhile, Archie dreamed of the young wife he'd left behind, always seeing her with that bouquet. As most of his mates did, he gave his friend a letter to be passed on to his bride if anything should happen to him, then forgot all about it. 

Many weeks passed, no letters came to Sylvie, then one bright sunny morning, just as Sylvie was leaving for work, a telegram arrived. With shaking hands she opened it.. 
"Home in four weeks, I promise."

Both Sylvie and Archie's mother were so excited. They were full of plans, Sylvie was planning a surprise for their first anniversary in just over four weeks time. She would meet Archie carrying the bouquet which had been carefully stored away from light and dust.

Then another telegram arrived..  just a few days after the first. 

"We regret to inform you..." She read no further, collapsed on the ground.

A promise is a promise.. she met Archie's coffin at the station, carrying her bouquet. It was their first wedding anniversary, and Archie was home.

©Crissouli 24 April 2018

Thursday, 8 March 2018



You who built the foundations of our family
who came from lands far away ..
you who built the future of many generations
yet knew so few…
if only you could look upon those of today
and see what a wonderful legacy you bequeathed
to all who live now and all who have passed before.

We may never have met, but I know your heart..
your strength, your determination, 
your will to make the world a better place..
just as we of today’s world  long to do. 
You are present in all those I share 
so many years of history with..
my beautiful granddaughter and daughter..
and my lovely daughter in law
who is adding her own history to the mix…
you are present in my cousins, 
my aunts, my niece, my grandmothers..
and in all the generations between them..
and all who have found their place by marriage.

We are a part of you, united by love and inspiration..
we gather friends around us, 
those in whom we see something of kin
a familiarity and a similar purpose..
they are the family we choose for ourselves.. 
We are blessed, we are united
and bound together.. all because of you.

© Crissouli March 7th, 2018

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Ypres, Flanders Field... courtesy of Pixabay


Beneath Flanders Fields, so many lay
their dreams all turned to dust
young men, and old, gave all they had
for what they believed was just.
As others wander o'er the land
they feel the lost ones's pain
they offer up a silent prayer
'Never let this be again.
Let there be peace, for all mankind
in that we must believe
Dear Lord, help us to understand
might it be possible to achieve.'
So much love lies beneath the soil 
whether it be friend or foe..
so many families incomplete
as they tearfully saw them go.
Please think of them this special day
and remember all who've passed.
Enjoy this life they saved for us
..if only that war had been the last.

©Crissouli Nov 11, 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017



Down through the brambles
where most folk never go
you'll see a crooked path
leading to a secret place I know..
It's not a place for mortals
at least not any more
but if you're very lucky
you'll see a magic door.
You have to tread so carefully
and be gentle with each footfall
or you'll never feel the magic 
or see a soul at all..
Just sit quietly by the wooden gate
looking at the wise old tree
you may just be the one who's lucky
and fairies you might see.
The door's not always open
for the fairies come and go
but be patient and believe
and maybe then the door will show.
For it's within this tree of wisdom
that the fairies do appear
but ony on occasions
and for those without all fear.
'tis said that wishes may be granted
if a secret you can keep
and you never tell a soul
where the fairies often sleep.
We all do need our dreamtime
it's such a lovely state
..but did I really see some fairies
or was I reading books too late.

©Crissouli Sept. 30, 2017

Image: Pixabay

Sunday, 30 July 2017



No, I'm not too bad at all today,
no, not too bad at all
the plaster, oh, I got that when I had a fall
but I'm not too bad at all.
Don't worry about the bruises there
they're from a cricket ball.
They might be black, but they're very small
I'm not too bad at all.

What's that you say, can't hear too well
I never can, not since I fell..
it was only from a ten foot wall
but I'm not too bad at all.
No, the ankle doesn't bother me..
it happened when I was small
it's just that I didn't realise
that the tree was quite so tall.

I'm really feeling fine today,
I'm not too bad at all.
I've felt much better since the op I had
did you know they took my gall?
Well, they had to
it was full of stones
enough to make you pall...
but really, I'm not too bad at all.

Oh, the pimple on my nose?
It's alright, I've got lots of those
but they're not too bad at all!
My finger, oh, it's okay
I only broke it yesterday..
but I'm not too bad at all.
Hypo - chond - ria? 
No, I've not that had at all
I've not felt better that I recall...

©Crissouli April 1983