Monday, 20 June 2016



I can hear your laughter and see your smile..
and see you tilt your head to one side
I watched your eyes light up 
as he entered the room 
and see that quick glance you shared.
What a couple you were
so happy in each other's company.
You always had such pride in your family
and delighted in all they did. 

Still, I remember you as a girl
with that lilting laugh 
and that easy warmth you happily shared.
You never pushed me aside
or told me to go away.
Rather you knelt with me 
as I looked for that piece of broken glass
in Nona's path, we called it a clock.

You helped me to pick fruit from the trees
and suck honey from nasturtiums
and even played tea parties with me,
though I was so small. 
You understood my love of words
and gave me my first ever dictionary
(I treasure it still) 
and a bluebird necklace.

We were more than cousins
we were friends and confidants..
You were my little big sister
always supportive, never judgemental
We laughed, we cried, 
we shared family news
and solved the problems of the world.

Thank you for your guidance
your caring and sharing
and for being the girl and the lady I so admired..
Rest in peace, sweet Stella..
you will live on forever in the hearts 
of all who knew and loved you..
We will hear your name and smile
'Of course, I knew her well!'

(c) Crissouli  March 8, 2016

Image free use courtesy The Old Design Shop


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your much loved cousin Stella. May she rest in peace.

  2. Thank you, Pauleen... she was a true lady, loved by so many...but would pull a face and have a few words to say if she read this.. She'd be embarrassed, but hopefully, quietly pleased.


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