Tuesday, 18 October 2016



I dream of you calling my name
I run to you and you lift me on to your shoulders
How safe I felt then and in charge of the world.

"I can see forever, Daddy.."

"Forever's a very long way..'

"I know and I can see it, way over there.."

I run beside you struggling to keep up
while you laugh and take one long stride 
to my many short ones.

You pick me up when I fall over
brush me off and send me on my way.
You teach me how to bait a hook and land a fish
yet you never did persuade me to clean one
though I was quite happy to fillet and cook.

You show me how to make scones,
and pluck a poor chicken ..

Much later you look me out for driving lessons
and told me you thought I did very well 
getting through that busy intersection..
and were horrified when I said it was easy.. 
with my eyes closed..
till I burst out laughing. 

You soon warmed to my long term boyfriend
and you became great mates after we were married.
You loved our children and grandchildren
without reservation, 
though saddened that Mum missed them..

You were always the first to offer a hand when needed
you taught us all so much..
in particular, the love of family.

Though you stayed with us longer than most
it could never be enough.
We miss you Dad, two years seems like forever
but we thank you for the legacy you left behind,
our memories wrapped in your love.

(c)Crissouli Oct 18, 2016
Image (c)Crissouli 2007


  1. A very beautiful and loving tribute Chris

  2. What a wonderful celebration of your relationship with your dad.

    1. Thank you, Pauleen, it helps to write it down. Hard to realise it's two years.


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