Tuesday, 14 February 2017



Wilt thou be my Valentine
for now and for all time
wilt thou sup with me
of life's delights, sublime?

( Oh, quiet the children, 
they are so loud..
and how my head does ache..)

Wilt thou stay close by my side
as we traverse through life's pathways
wilt thou hold my hand in yours
through dark nights and sun kissed days?

(No, I can't, there're dishes to be done..
of course you go
you must have your fun..)

Wilt thou truly be my Valentine
we'll live such a life of dreams
wilt thou share a life of bliss
it should be ours, it seems.

(ok, then, no more Mills and Boon
I promise you, I'm sure
oh, sweetheart, that is so cute, 
a pink rose on the door..)

 (c)Crissouli 14 February, 2017

 Image by Pixabay

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