Thursday, 25 May 2017



 Sweet Jesus, hear my prayer
and take me in your arms
this pain is now more than I can bear..
Please show me the promise of your Psalms.

You promised you'd be my Shepherd
that you would lead me all the way
Please, Jesus, let me come home to rest..
let this sickness go away.

My Mummy and Daddy cry a lot
I hate to see them so very sad..
Please, Jesus, if I lived with you
Maybe they wouldn't feel so bad.

You said "Suffer little children
to come unto me.."
Jesus, please take me home again
and then I would be free.

I have no fear of Heaven..
I know it will be a warm and loving place
Let me farewell my loving family
and enter your sweet embrace.

© Crissouli April 1983

Image by Pixabay

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