Sunday, 8 March 2020


Thank You Is Never Enough


You who built the foundations of our family
who came from lands far away ..
you who built the future of many generations
yet knew so few…
if only you could look upon those of today
and see what a wonderful legacy you bequeathed
to all who live now and all who have passed before.

We may never have met, but I know your heart..
your strength, your determination, 
your will to make the world a better place..
just as we of today’s world  long to do. 
You are present in all those I share 
so many years of history with..
my beautiful granddaughter and daughter..
and my lovely daughter in law
who is adding her own history to the mix…
you are present in my cousins, 
my aunts, my niece, my grandmothers..
and in all the generations between them..
and all who have found their place by marriage.

We are a part of you, united by love and inspiration..
we gather friends around us, 
those in whom we see something of kin
a familiarity and a similar purpose..
they are the family we choose for ourselves.. 
We are blessed, we are united
and bound together.. all because of you.

© Crissouli March 7th, 2018

Reblogged as it will always apply..thank you is never enough ..CBG

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